Dunlop SX Special Edition
Dunlop SX Special Edition

Dunlop SX Special Edition

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The Dunlop SX Limited Range comprises of: - 2 Performance rackets - 1x SX 300 (White) - 1x SX 300 LS (White) Tennis has evolved and a new generation of player has adapted, using spin, to keep the ball in the court on aggressive, attacking shots. But as we know, hitting the ball with speed and power increases the chance of hitting off-center shots. The SX series delivers even more spin on those off-center shots, giving players more confidence to hit harder and really target those court lines. The technology features in the new SX Limited range stay the same as the inline range: • Spin Boost+ Grommets • Spin Boost String Tech • V-Energy Shaft • Sonic Core™ Made With Infinergy® by BAS


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